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Lifeskills Link is a system of collaboration and accountability. It provides intelligent insights into each students experience which informs targeted intervention and cognitive-behavioral skill development. The curriculum is built on our evidence-based model of cognitive behavior therapy together with our unique self-directed learning approach which has proven to help students and clients overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.
Whether the student is taking a course online or offline, they will be engaged and challenged to see their current challenges from new perspectives and be facilitated to take ownership over the quality of their thoughts.
Students learn, grow and change best in the presence of those they trust and have a positive relationship with. Utilizing a pro-social coach provides additional support and accountability for students. Most importantly, coaches help to fulfill their students' emotional hierarchy of needs.
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The Lifeskills Link platform empowers behavioral change professionals with intuitive data and insights about their student’s cognitive and behavioral skill development which enhances their intervention capacity
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